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DRILL 360° Feedback

DRILL 360° Feedback is an effective tool for evaluation and development of employees. The principle of 360° Feedback rests in judging the behaviour, attitudes and skills of evaluated employee. The evaluation is done by the superiors, subordinates and colleagues of evaluated employee. Thus and through this complex perspective, the 360° Feedback tool enables the view on the employee evaluated to be objectivised. We will provide you with complex methodology, will train the evaluators and teach you how to work with the evaluation results so that the evaluation outputs actively contribute to accomplishing the needs of your company.

The 360° Feedback is a tool of self-reflexion and employee development. It enables more objective evaluation of employee behaviour, attitudes and skills and it engages, in addition to the Line Manager, also the subordinates and colleagues in the employee development cycle.

The 360° Feedback teaches the employees to notice and praise the behaviour and attitudes of others towards team work and corporate needs.

The aim of the 360° Feedback system is to provide individual objectivised feedback to the employee about the level of competencies demonstrated by him/her, with consideration to the required standard, as well as motivating this employee towards further professional and personality development.

The DRILL 360° Feedback implementation project contains the following steps:

  • Specification of targets, methodology, sources and expected outcomes.
  • Evaluation of existing competency model, its completion and fine-tuning to a format which enables utilization in the 360° Feedback.
  • Development of the evaluation tool in either paper or online format which enables the anonymous nature of evaluators.
  • Development of a manual to conduct the evaluation process which will contain practical examples and instructions of how to realize these activities.
  • Conduction of pilot evaluation on a sample of selected employees, evaluation of its efficiency and use of feed-back from the side of managers and other employees considering possible adjustments.
  • Training of the HR department employees, managers and other key employees in the implemented evaluation system. Should you require, we will also provide the follow-up coaching and/or consultation with employees.

The actual evaluation in full operation contains the following steps:

  • Communication about the launch of the evaluation process to relevant employees.
  • Selection of evaluators according to methodology as approved by your company. 
  • Communication to evaluators about the process and deadlines for provision of feed-back to the person evaluated.
  • Statistic processing of evaluation results and submission of anonymous results (except for self-evaluation and evaluation by Line Manager) to the person evaluated and his/her Line Manager.
  • Processing of cumulative data for the needs of Personnel Dept. 
  • Provision of instructions and support to Managers in providing the face-to-face feed-back to their subordinate based on the 360° Feedback.

The concrete look, content and statistic processing of the 360° Feedback is fully flexible and it depends on the requirements of your company.

DRILL will provide your company with full support, based on own experience and the Best practices from other companies and institutions.

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