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DRILL Government

DRILL Government

It is a specific product for the search and placement of employees for ministries, government agencies, regional offices and other state institutions. The product includes background checks and psychometric testing of candidates.

DRILL Government is a specific product targeted at the search and placement of employees within the areas of public administration, government, municipal offices, regional offices and institutions. DRILL Executive Search and DRILL Recruitment, which are primarily designed for commercial enterprises, have been modified to meet the specific requirements (education, qualification, professional know-how, moral and personal character) of municipal and government institutions.

During the search and placement process, a special consultant with in-depth knowledge of both government and municipal issues and the job market is made available to you.

A further benefit of DRILL Government is that all candidates are checked to determine their moral profile, integrity, reliability and loyalty using psychological diagnostic testing in the form of DRILL Background Check and DRILL Psychological Testing.

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