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DRILL Try & Hire

DRILL Try & Hire

DRILL Try & Hire helps you to get a short term, or long term workforce for your selected positions, while the individuals stay employed by DRILL. This arrangement gives you the time for your final decision and decreases the risk of making the wrong decision about a candidate. When you make the decision, you will get well tested and on-the-job trained employee.

DRILL Try & Hire offers you the advantage of both a long-term working relationship a candidate and the possibility to check his qualification thoroughly. You can use DRILL Try & Hire most effectively when the headcount for a position is not yet determined or when headcount has already been determined, but you are uncertain about your choice of the candidate.

The Benefits of DRILL Try & Hire:

  • You engage a candidate for a position for as long as you require, but that person remains an employee of DRILL, which means that your employee headcount will not change. 
  • You have time to decide if you want to offer the candidate a contract for an indefinite period. You will be able to make this decision based on headcount requirements or on the candidate’s tested skills and experience. 
  • Offering a contract for an indefinite period to a tried and tested candidate, reduces the risk of employee churn and increases productivity. 
  • You also eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong candidate. 
  • Try & Hire also helps you reduce the amount of administration associated with the candidate. 
  • DRILL Try & Hire enables you to keep the candidate highly motivated before signing the contract.

DRILL Try & Hire Includes:

  • Specifications for the position and qualification requirements
  • Search, selection and verification of a selected candidate’s experience
  • The option to train the candidate for the position.
  • Invoicing based on a fixed fee
  • Regular monitoring of the working relationship and subsequent feedback 
  • A guarantee to replace for the employee, if required 
  • The possibility for you to move to a contract-based relationship with the candidate

DRILL Try & Hire can also be complemented by other services, specifically DRILL Psychological Testing, DRILL Assessment Center and DRILL Background Check. This affords you in-depth information about selected candidates on both a professional and personal level.

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