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DRILL Coaching

Coaching is most frequently associated with managing of managers in various positions, yet it is also of importance for those employees who are in intensive contact with customers, for professional teams and for key specialists. It is a method ideal especially in those cases where we feel some space for improvement yet we aren’t able to define the problem or don’t know where to start.

The aim of coaching is to lead the person in a way that would make him realize his/her personal goals, needs and strengths. It is important to understand what we want to achieve, what are the possibilities, why did problems occur, and how to avoid them in the future. Thanks to coaching, the client can reflect upon all these issues and find the right solution just for him/herself.

Coaching contributes to improving the ability of reflecting on oneself, faster development of professional skills and abilities, self-organization, usage of own abilities and personal satisfaction. Rather than teaching, coaching helps learning. It releases the potential of the person and enables him/her to maximize his/her performance. An employee coached is in an active role. Through open questions, the coach leads the person coached to finding own flaws, self-assessment and development.

Key advantages of coaching include:

In a short time, right amidst the work environment, it ensures fast identification of (both firm and personal) risk factors and looks for ways of eliminating them. In the case of strengths and spare potential, it finds ways of development and assertion.

  • It facilitates nonconventional working methods using creativity, initiative, higher consistency and self-management.
  • It respects the persons coached.
  • It is focused – it solves specific problems, tasks and situations. 
  • It is connected to the work and needs of the persons coached.
  • The results are measurable.

How does coaching work?

Coaching happens interactively:

  • At first meeting, key development areas are identified; this is followed by development of a coaching plan of self-development.
  • At every following meeting which takes place at least once a month, the tasks achieved are assessed, as well as the level of progress on unachieved tasks
  • Consecutively, a discussion with the coach takes place about other coaching areas and identification of problems.
  • If agreement is achieved, other current areas of coaching are set and, after 3 to 6 months, progress is assessed, as well as improvement and/or critical moments of this cooperation.

DRILL offers you coaching on an individual, team and group basis.

Individual coaching – is designed for individuals where, step by step, the coach helps the client find his/her way towards the required change in behaviour and attitude with respect to defined problem.

Team coaching – is designed for teams and it utilizes the strength of the group to achieve the most effective possible solution and results.

Group coaching – it is intended for groups of individuals associated by a common theme. During the session, the coach leads the development process of each participant while using the collective inspiration and sharing amongst the participants in the group.

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