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DRILL Consulting & Support

The product offers you comprehensive consulting services in HR area esp. in HR strategy, HR policies, performance management, compensation and benefits, training and personal development, company culture and labor relations.

In this product we offer you advisory and consulting services for human resource management. A basic prerequisite that must be met before starting any consulting activity in your company is the identification of your needs, requirements and expectations, as well as the reasons that led you to seek out consulting services. Furthermore, we need to have a thorough knowledge of market conditions, as well as conditions in your company, especially those, which are related to environment, habits and company culture.

Consulting and support for strategic human resource management is focused mainly on:

  • Ensuring consistency between strategic targets of the company and the HR management strategy.
  • Ensuring harmony between the company’s HR strategy and everyday operations.
  • Defining roles, status and tasks for the HR department and its contribution to the goals of the organization as a whole.
  • Organizational and functional divisions of the HR department within the organizational chart and within the company’s management.
  • Analyzing the skills and responsibilities of the HR department in carrying out its day-to-day operations.
  • Implementing measurable criteria to determine the quality and efficiency of HR processes.
  • Proposing information flows both within individual department and cross-functionally.
  • Proposing controlling processes.
  • Setting priorities during the implementation of changes and the management of HR projects such as the implementation of tools to support personnel activities such as recruitment and selection of employees, employee evaluations and professional development.
  • Streamlining company acts, guidelines, policies and job descriptions, and adapting international rules to local conditions and applicable laws.
  • Consulting during the implementation and maintenance of the quality management systems, according to ISO standards for strategy and human resource management.

Personnel Policies Consulting

Analysis of Human Resource Management

  • Compare the performance, efficiency and quality criteria with the other comparable companies (personnel benchmarking).
  • Analysis of employee potential.
  • Executing a personnel audit using the DRILL Audit.

Employee Performance Evaluation

Employee Compensation

  • Proposing employee compensation strategies in the context of a given company, its culture, position on the market and situation on the job market.
  • Helping investors and companies entering local market adapt corporate compensation standards to local conditions.
  • Consulting for the implementation of special forms of compensation during a company’s transformation (e.g. privatization, acquisition etc.). 
  • Proposing and/or amending a compensation and benefits system. 
  • Developing an employee education and development strategy.
  • Analyzing requirements concerning education level and the personal development of employees.
  • Proposing strategies for continual employee education programs.

Building the Company Structure

  • Preparing a systematic concept to build a company’s culture.
  • Preparing an internal communication strategy, building communication tools. and channels, and setting communication rules.
  • Managing and moderating employee meetings.
  • Implementing communication tools.

Labor Law Consulting

  • Recording and updating labor law documentation.
  • Representation in labor law cases.
  • Solving discipline-related problems.

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