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DRILL IT Contracting

DRILL IT Contracting

DRILL IT Contracting is a quick and effective solution to meet the ever-growing demand for IT specialists. It makes up part of the DRILL Contracting & Interim Management service and provides you with both short- and long-term IT-specialist capacity as a supplement to implementation teams and concrete projects. Specialists include project managers, developers, systems analysts, database specialists, architects and testers. If needed, DRILL can also provide you with a complete development and/or project team.

IT Contracting (sometimes referred to as IT body shopping or IT specialist “leasing”) is being used with increasing frequency as a way to satisfy the demand for various IT specialists, particularly in the area of development. Hired “contractors” not only bring quick results in the projects that they are hired for, but also promote the transfer of information, knowledge and skills to company employees. The opportunity for the long-term provision of specialists in your company is also possible. This service allows your company to lower its planned headcount while decreasing payroll expenses as a result. At the same time, we offer you the opportunity to assume some (or all) of your current employees in the area, eventually taking advantage of their spare capacity.

DRILL IT Contracting is advantageous particularly for project work or in cases where it isn’t possible to use the full capacity of a core employee. DRILL IT Contracting can also prove useful in situations that require you to react quickly to market demands or when your company doesn’t have enough spare capacity among core employees and when the time, administrative and/or financial requirements of the hiring process are too demanding.

Through DRILL IT Contracting, we are able to offer you the following specialists:

  • SAP Consultants for the modules FI, CO, AM, BC, PS, HR, PM, PS, MM, QM, PP, SD, Cross Application ( WF, BW, CRM and APO), NetWeaver and IS – U.
  • Developers (ABAP, JAVA, C++, .NET, PHP, Oracle, Web technologies, iOS, Android, Embeded, etc.).
  • SW Resources experienced in various industrial segments (IT/Telco, Transportation, Medical Care, Automotive, Defence, etc.).
  • System Administrators (Windows, Unix, Linux, SharePoint, ActiveDirectory, HyperV).
  • Database specialists (Oracle, SQL, mySQL, DB2, Teradata).
  • Systems and Business Analysts.
  • Technical Consultants (ERP systems).
  • Consultants (BI/DWH, ETL, Data Mining, business processes optimization, ArcSight – Security, CISA,  CISSP, CISM).
  • Project Managers (ASAP, PRINCE 2, PMI, IPMA, SCRUM, ITIL).
  • IT Specialists (IT security, IT networks, IT auditing, etc.), IT Architects.
  • Quality Assurance Specialists, Testers, Performance Testers, Penetration Testers, Test Lead.

External IT specialists provided through DRILL IT Contracting are usually employed within your company for between three months to two years, depending on your exact requirements.

DRILL IT Contracting brings you the following advantages:

  • Flexibility in reacting to situations on the market.
  • Cost savings over the hiring of new employees and maintenance of ever-increasing specialist qualifications (which are particularly high in the sphere of IT, but at the same time unavoidable) as well as savings related to personnel administration and expenses incurred when employment is terminated.
  • Cost savings when compared with contracting relevant specialists for an indefinite time period or when a complete solution is provided by the supplier.
  • More control over the effective use of financial resources for the development and implementation of concrete solutions, project management and other IT areas. Expenses for the use of external IT specialists can be specified, planned for, contractually obtained and controlled ahead of time. In comparison with the use of your own employees, contracting gives you more control over financial resources and the quantity of work carried out. Given an established goal, price and time schedule, expenses can be better predicted.
  • Control over current headcount without the need to expand the number of current employees.
  • The opportunity to obtain the skills of an experienced specialist with the necessary training, most up-to-date qualifications (reflecting changes in technology, trends and methodologies) and extensive practical experience in the required area or specialization. Moreover, you can achieve these benefits without the need for permanent employment contracts and investment in training of internal IT specialists. You can also select specialists that will best suit your needs and requirements.
  • A lower risk of dependence on suppliers, which can occur when implementing completely outsourced solutions.
  • Valuable information and experience that “IT contractors” share with other employees, which can also be used after their departure.
  • Diversification of the team. External contractors usually bring a wide range of experience from previous jobs in diverse teams, often in multinational and multicultural environments. A fresh approach to the implementation of tasks or problem solving can be inspirational for your core employees and can have a positive influence on their performance.

The selection of suitable “IT contractors” is very particular and is always carried out in close cooperation with you. The qualifications of each “IT contractor” are checked by our company before the contractor is presented to you. Our aim is to provide someone who not only has the required qualifications, which are always with checked references, but also someone whose personal characteristics will guarantee the fastest and smoothest fit within your company and quick acceptance by coworkers. In this respect, internal communication is very important in ensuring that interim specialists are not seen by core employees as a threat. Job evaluations for “IT contractors” at established time intervals can be carried out upon agreement.

If you were to take an interest in employing the “IT contractor” on a permanent basis because of his/her knowledge, abilities and experience, our company would respect your wishes and facilitate them within the framework of the DRILL Executive Search service.

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