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DRILL Turn Key Solution

DRILL Turn Key Solution

DRILL Turn Key Solution offers you the establishment or restructuring of one or more of your functional units including analysis of organizational and human resources requirements, the definition of key processes and structures, recruitment and placement of candidates (or assessment of current employees), their training and development, development and implementation of procedures and processes for the functional unit to be handed over to you. 

DRILL Turn Key Solution combines management processes with the search or placement of suitable candidates within companies that are being established, diversifying their portfolio of services, expanding into new markets or are undergoing major organizational and/or process restructuring. DRILL Turn Key Solution is ideal for mid- and small-sized companies, which because of their strong growth and success cannot manage as a “family business” anymore and need to implement process management to foster continued growth.

The basis of DRILL Turn Key Solution is in creating a new organization or in restructuring an existing one. This includes analysis of personnel requirements, creating a new organizational structure, the search and placement of employees, employee training and evaluation of professional and personal abilities, formulating all of the processes necessary to ensure the organization functions properly, and the implementation and resourcing of new methods and tools. The process is completed by delivering a complete and effective reorganization of the company.

Benefits of DRILL Turn Key Solution:

  • In-depth identification of your requirements and the reasons that led to the reorganization or implementation of a new structure.
  • An understanding of the company, its environment, customs and culture as well as the dynamics of the market.
  • Analysis of the personnel requirements necessary for the newly created structure, including a personnel audit if necessary.
  • The proposal and creation of a new organizational structure.
  • Formulation of qualification and personal requirements for particular positions.
  • Preparing job specifications and Key Performance Indicators.
  • Proposing control systems.
  • Recommending systems for employee education
  • Recommendation for the restructuring of compensation and employee benefit program.
  • Recruitments services using DRILL Executive Search and DRILL Recruitment
  • Proposing, creating and integrating a process model for individual departments and in the company as a whole to ensure consistency and compatibility.
  • Recommending information flows both within individual departments and cross-functionally.
  • Creating and implementing management processes in individual departments.
  • Formulating internal acts, policies and working processes and/or adapting existing policies to reflect local conditions and applicable laws.

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