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DRILL Occupational Safety & Healt, Fire Protection

DRILL Occupational Safety & Health, Fire Protection

DRILL Occupation Safety & Health, Fire Protection offers you a wide range of services in Occupation Safety & Health, prevention of occupational injuries and job related illnesses, including consultancy in methodology and fulfillment of all legal and regulatory requirements.

DRILL Occupational Safety & Health, Fire Protection offers you a wide variety of services in the area of health protection at work, prevention of work-related injuries and occupational illnesses.

This service ensures that your obligations as an employer with regards to occupational safety, health and fire protection are always met.

DRILL can provide outsourced services for all areas involving occupational safety, health and fire protection.

DRILL also offers the following related services:

Occupational Safety and Health Protection Management Systems

  • The implementation of an occupational safety and health protection system. 
  • Identification and evaluation of risks resulting from business activities and the particular working activities of your employees. 
  • Processing and regular updating of occupational safety, health and fire protection documentation. 
  • Evaluation of areas and technologies from the view point of occupational safety and protection of employee health, as well as appraisal of working environments. 
  • The formulation and maintenance of a trauma plan as well as first-aid systems for injuries and accidents. 
  • The formulation of operational policies for technical sites and equipment. 
  • The creation of list of personal protection measures. 
  • Routine safety checks on your premises in accordance with valid legislation. 
  • Executing safety supervision over activities carried out by your company. 
  • The registration and recording of work-related injuries. 
  • The prevention and investigation of work-related injuries, occupational illnesses, accidents, and proposals of precautions to eliminate such risks and/or their re-occurrence. 
  • Processing all data for work-related injury compensation and dealing with insurance companies and with state authorities for occupational safety control. 
  • Representing your company during potential dealings with local legal bodies and safety authorities. 
  • Updating information informing about changes in legislation concerning occupational safety and health protection.
  • Implementing best practices in a given industry. 
  • Classifying jobs according to their risk level.
  • Measuring air pollution at work places. 
  • Evaluating sites and equipment from an occupational safety point of view for final building approval purposes.

Selected Technical Equipment and Other Technical equipment

  • Ensuring replacement of selected technical equipment. 
  • Ensuring control of technical equipment as required by relevant laws and guidelines. 
  • Executing controls and checks for electrical devices and appliances. 
  • Executing checks and controls of gas equipment. 
  • Executing checks and controls of pressurized equipment and boilers. 
  • Executing checks and controls of lifting equipment.


  • Formulating an education program for occupational safety and health protection. 
  • Ensuring initial and regular training of employees and management, in line with valid legislation and/or international standards, best practices or according to specific standards and requirements set by your company. 
  • Ensuring specific training for particular jobs and activities. 
  • Ensuring training and testing for employees working with electricity.
  • Ensuring the training and examination of stokers and operators of gas equipment. 
  • Ensuring the training for drivers of motorized vehicles. 
  • Ensuring the training for lifting equipment operators. 
  • Ensuring the training for crane operators. 
  • Ensuring the training for employees working at heights. 
  • Ensuring the training for drivers of the reference vehicles. 
  • Ensuring the training for operators of pressurized machines and vessels. 
  • Ensuring the training for poisonous and chemical substances.

DRILL Occupation Safety & Health, Fire Protection can also prepare your company to be certified for the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 Certification.

Fire Protection Management Systems

  • Implementing a comprehensive system of fire protection. 
  • Evaluating your company’s fire protection status. 
  • Formulating and updating fire protection documentation in line with valid legislation. 
  • Formulating internal acts, policies, guidelines and obligations related to fire protection. 
  • Evaluating fire hazards and implementing recommended improvements. 
  • Formulating and updating fire policies at workplaces with above-average fire hazards. 
  • Formulating alarm and evacuation plans and fire alarm guidelines. 
  • Recording documentation related to fires. 
  • Proposing policies for PA announcements. 
  • Keeping fire log books. 
  • Processing documentation and assessing readiness. 
  • Executing controls and revisions for portable fire extinguishers, hydrants and fire pipelines. 
  • Calculating the need for portable fire extinguishers and fire hoses. 
  • Executing regular preventive controls. 
  • Ensuring the activities of a person appointed to fire protection. 
  • Representing your company during dealings with state authorities for fire protection control.


  • Preparing an educational program in the area of fire protection. 
  • Providing entry and on-going fire protection training to the employees and management. 
  • Providing training to company fire brigades and fire watches.

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