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DRILL Psychological Testing

The product named DRILL Psychological Testing helps you in getting to know the job applicants better and, especially, in distinguishing the differences between the candidates in those features which are very difficult to quantify at an interview, especially those concerning their talents, specific skills, qualifications, attitudes and reactions to certain situations. The psychodiagnostic methods are based on immediate and natural contact between the psychologist and the candidate/respondent.


  • Combination of tests tailor-made to your needs.
  • Can be used at all corporate levels (from Managing Director to manufacturing workers).
  • Testing and consultation with a psychologist.
  • Very clear and comprehensible final reports.
  • High information value.
  • Speed of processing (max. 2 working days).
  • Can be used for both selection and development of employees.
  • The questionnaires and reports are available both in Czech and English.

Within the DRILL Psychological Testing product offer, we are able to offer a very broad portfolio of approaches, methods and tests which can be combined into psychodiagnostic arrays, depending on the specific needs of each client (and candidate/position).

DRILL Psychological Testing helps you to get to know candidates applying for vacant positions. It helps you recognize differences between the characteristics of the candidates, which are difficult to identify during the interview. Certain personality traits have a direct influence on efficiency and performance. Because performance in a given position is dependent on several factors, we suggest the best methods of testing personal abilities, interests, strong points, personality types, natural capabilities and motivation levels of potential candidates.

The psychodiagnostic methods used by us are based on immediate and natural contact between the psychologist and the applicant/respondent. During the testing, we get a large volume of findings and information about the applicants’ personalities in a form of overall personality profiles, as well as maps of their partial specific qualifications.

Within our DRILL Psychological Testing product, we are able to offer a very broad portfolio of approaches, methods and tests which can be combined into psychodiagnostic arrays, depending on the specific needs of each client (and applicant/position). We also have a sensitive approach in combining personal contact with the psychologist with own psychodiagnostic methods.

If required by customer, we can also draw a complex personality profile of the applicant; to make a map of his/her specific features and qualifications necessary for the specific position. We will recommend the most suitable candidates.

The aim of DRILL Psychological Testing is to determine the talents, specific abilities, prerequisites, opinions and reactions of new job applicants.

DRILL Psychological Testing compares the requirements of particular positions with the characteristics of the candidate, identifying his potential in following areas: 

  • Overall intellectual capacity.
  • Ability to learn new skills and absorb new information.
  • Social skills.
  • Personal characteristics including conscientiousness, sociability, creativity and persistence, which can greatly influence performance and results.
  • Work ethic.
  • Performance potential.
  • Motivational factors.

If you wish, we can provide a professional graphology reading of a candidate’s hand-written CV, for example. This can determine his or her suitability for the particular position and offer you additional information about his or her personality, behavior, performance characteristics, temper, will, motivation and ability to create social contacts.

Objectivity and validity in determining the suitability of a potential candidate is naturally supported by further interviews.

DRILL Online Psychodiagnostics

DRILL Online Psychodiagnostics uses the Bridge Personality questionnaire, the personality online questionnaire of world’s top quality.

Bridge Personality is a globally acknowledged personality online questionnaire used for the employee selection and development. The construction of the questionnaire is based on a long-time scientific research in the field of personality exploration, description and assessment. Bridge Personality is the only globally available tool to evaluate personality both from the perspective of the factor “Big Five” model and by the Jung personality typology.

Bridge Personality is distinctive for its resistance to intentional distortion of the results by therespondents. The thing is that the mechanism of the observation of the so-called normative-ipsative concordance enables the recognition of when the respondent has tried to distort his/ her answers in a manner which would correspond with the estimated expectation or required profile.


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