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DRILL Development Center

The DRILL Development Centre is based on principles similar to those that DRILL Assessment Centre is based upon, that is, testing of qualifications through simulation of typical work activities, selected model situations, interviews and, if need be, on psychological testing, where the competencies of employees are checked. As opposed to the Assessment Centre, which is designed to test job applicants, the key goal of the Development Centre is to evaluate the potential of your existing managers and other key employees. It will help you see them from a different perspective than their common work activities enable you to.


  • Preparation of tasks which are tailor-made to your needs.  
  • Developing a competency model for individual tasks.
  • Tasks which are based on practice and which simulate real environment.
  • Role of the moderator who manages and moderates the entire programme.
  • Qualified professionals who are experienced in their roles of evaluators.  
  • Training of evaluators from your company.  
  • Complex service of organization and conduction; you needn’t take care of anything. 
  • References from all segments.

Based on acquired characteristics, we can then develop concrete plans of their training, professional and personal development. Also, the participants receive a feed-back on their personality strengths and weaknesses, performance, professional and managerial potential. This supports their deeper self-knowledge and reflexion. Yet even the very participation in the Development Centre is a great training as such.

The Development Center involves a series of simulations of typical working activities, during which the capabilities of employees are tested. We use tests that include both team and individual tasks. We prepare tasks based on the personal, social and managerial qualities necessary for optimum performance in a particular position. Evaluations are executed by our consultants, together with representatives from your company and experienced psychologists.

Each participant is evaluated on his or her personal and professional capabilities, based on the profile of his or her position (e.g. organizational skills, ability to plan, thinking and decision making abilities, judgment, creativity, stress resistance, verbal and communication skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills towards partners, the ability to lead, etc.). The criteria for the evaluation are formulated and agreed upon with you in advance. These characteristics are evaluated while the tasks are being completed.

Upon completion the Development Center program, our consultants prepare a detailed report about each participant, sorted according to particular abilities and other relevant criteria.

DRILL Psychological Testing can be used within the Development Center program for psycho-diagnostic testing of employees. To further develop the potential of your employees we also recommend DRILL Performance Management.

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