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DRILL Assessment Center

DRILL Assessment Center

It is a very efficient method for selecting candidates for management, sales and generic positions based on candidate testing in simulation of typical job activities, psychometric tests and structured interviews. This provides the most objective candidate assessment results.


  • Preparation of tasks which are tailor-made to your needs.  
  • Developing a competency model for individual tasks.
  • Tasks which are based on practice and simulate real environment.
  • Role of the moderator who manages and moderates the entire programme.
  • Qualified professionals who are experienced in their roles of evaluators.  
  • Training of evaluators from your company.  
  • Complex service of organization and conduction; you needn’t take care of anything. 
  • References from all segments.

  • Fifteen 20-minute long interviews during one day: “Who was that Mr. Novak?“
  • The most suitable candidates for the position – how to find them? 
  • Assessment Center – when to use it?
  • What psychological tests are use in the Assessment Center and why?
  • Does the Assessment Center supplier understand your needs? 
  • Intuitive evaluation at the Assessment Center – yes or no? 
  • How about a competence-based model?
  • A lack of competent candidates attending Assessment Center? 
  • Do some candidates not show up to the Assessment Center
  • Do we want to training in managing the Assessment Center?
  • Do we want to retrain the evaluator?
  • Are we able to manage the Assessment Center?
  • We already use the Assessment Center but...

If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions listed above, the DRILL Assessment Center may be the solution for you.

DRILL Assessment Center – for managerial positions

DRILL Assessment Center – for frequently staffed positions

The Assessment Center is based on a series of simulations of typical work tasks, during which we test a candidate’s capabilities in both individual and team activities. We prepare and set tasks based on performance, personality, social and managerial profiles and other necessary qualities. Then our consultants, together with representatives from your company, and experienced psychologists evaluate each candidate.

We evaluate abilities according to job profile and test the following criteria: organizational skills; planning; decision making; creativity; stress resistance; verbal and communication skills; negotiations skills; presentation skills; managerial potential).

The criteria are be prepared in advance and agreed upon by you. Particular behavioral traits are evaluated while the tasks are being carried out. This evaluation reflects the candidate’s ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the specified position.

Finally a list of candidates is prepared according to their performance in the Assessment Center. Usually, a psychometric or performance test, using DRILL Psychological Testing, is included as part of the Assessment Center.

The Assessment Center is a very effective method of selecting candidates for managerial, sales and frequently placed positions and its results provide an accurate forecast of a candidate’s future performance. The Assessment Center ensures that you are hiring the suitable candidate for the position.

Another service similar to the DRILL Assessment Center is DRILL Development Center, which we recommend for performance evaluation and for the preparation of development plans for your current managers.

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