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DRILL Recruitment

The product is aimed at selecting suitable candidates for various positions (from specialists to lower and middle management), using our database and internet searches, as well as dailies, professional magazines and other media advertisements specified under an agreement with you.

DRILL Recruitment is a service that helps your find suitable employees for any position within your organization, including assistant jobs, specialist positions and lower and middle management positions. You can specify the vacant position either by e-mail or phone. One of our experienced consultants will then meet with you at your convenience to clarify your requirements, assess your specific needs related to professional and personal considerations and discuss all related aspects of the recruitment process. Once your requirements have been specified, we will appoint a consultant to prepare a communication and advertising plan, as well as set a time frame to complete your request. If you decide for a target advertisement campaign that includes the name of your company, we prepare and present you with the graphic proposals that reflect your company’s brand and culture. We then organize the selection of suitable candidates. You can choose to combine DRILL Recruitment with other services, such as the DRILL Assessment Center and DRILL Psychological Testing, which can help you obtain more information about selected candidates from both a professional and personal point of view.

The cost of this service is normally determined as a multiple of the candidate’s monthly salary, if need be a percentage of the position’s annual salary or can be set at a fixed price. This amount is invoiced only when the candidate is successfully hired and signs a contract with your company. Up to this point, all services included in DRILL Recruitment are free of charge

We use following processes to find suitable candidates:

Database Search

  • We have access to a huge database containing information about 188.000 of candidates from various industry segments and various countries.

International Professional Database Search

  • Due to our participation in professional organizations as well as managerial network groups weuse access into international branch databases of its partners as well as some other commercial databases.

Ad-based Searches

  • We work effectively with advertisements on our web sites, job servers and specialized internet sites in the Czech Republic and in other countries both inside and outside of EU.
  • We use personnel advertisement in daily newspapers and industry magazines and publications (in the Czech Republic and in other countries both inside and outside of EU).

Cooperating with other companies within DRILL Group

  • If necessary, we use the resources of specialized companies within DRILL Group (both in the Czech Republic and abroad); this is especially suitable when it is required to identify and approach scarce and/or narrowly specialized experts, such as in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, engineering or manufacturing.

Cooperation with universities, secondary schools and other educational institutions

  • We cooperate with a number of schools and other educational institutions and use this fact, among other things, for the identification of possible candidates, especially (but not only for) the positions intended for graduates.

Internet Social and Professional Networks

  • We use our connection in professional internet social networks.

Cooperation with foreign partners

  • If copanies are interested in foreign employees, we can also use its contracted foreign partners to identify and search for candidates.

Search and selection through participation in specialized professional conferences and seminars

  • Depending on our industry and business field specialization, we participate in conferences, seminars and other educational programmes where we improve our expertise even further and acquire contacts of managers and specialist in their field who could become suitable candidates for some of our customers.

Networking and  references from existing and former candidates

  • We use our personal contacts, our memberships in trade, industrial and professional chambers and solicited recommendations of existing and former candidates of our professional acquaintances and colleagues who could make suitable candidates.

Candidates showing an interest in the offer are invited for a personal interview. The aims of the interview are to:

  • Gauge the candidate’s motivation to change jobs.
  • To determine the qualifications of the candidate, assess his/her character and professional suitability.
  • Determine his/her ability to lead, manage and motivate.
  • Determine his/her ability to adapt to the environment of your company.

We provide every candidate with feedback after the interview. At the same time we inform your company of the results of the interview in a timely manner. During this phase we also check the candidate’s references, character and integrity.

This phase is completed with a detailed assessment of every candidate selected to advance in the interview process. This assessment contains all relevant information about the candidate, including character and professional qualifications, references, and the reasons why he was chosen to advance in the interview process. This assessment is provided to your company only if agreed to by the candidate.

Upon approval of the chosen candidates by your company, we will organize interviews at your company. The employees asked to meet with the candidate must be carefully chosen in cooperation with your company. If agreed to by your company, the interviews will be organized by a consultant from DRILL. After every interview, feedback about the potential candidate will be given to you.

We then inform every candidate about the results of their interview at your company. If requested, we provide the following services to determine the qualifications of approved candidate(s):

Eventually you may choose the DRILL Contracting & Interim Management and/or DRILL IT Contracting.

After selecting the candidate, we negotiate the contract conditions, compensation, employee benefits and other aspects of the contract in order to avoid misunderstanding and to ensure the agreement and satisfaction on both sides.

DRILL Recruitment comes with a 3-month guarantee that begins on the first day of legal employment or equivalent contractual relations between you and the candidate. If the candidate terminates the contract within this period or if he does not fulfill your expectations, we will provide a replacement promptly and free of charge. This guarantee however, is not applicable if major changes in the candidate’s job description occur, if the position within the company has dramatically changed, or if the compensation and benefits package and/or other agreed conditions are changed.

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