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DRILL Background Check

DRILL Background Check

DRILL Background Check is a complementary product to all of the recruitment products. It should be used for the evaluation of candidates for top management and other positions with a broad scope of authority, (which, represents potential risk and, if misused, can cause substantial financial loss). The product is aimed at the collection of as much relevant information about the candidate as possible, which eliminates the risk of his/her potential misconduct.

DRILL Background Check complements of the other services we offer in the field of recruitment, especially DRILL Executive Search, DRILL Recruitment and DRILL Try & Hire. DRILL Background Check is recommended when recruiting for positions that represent a greater risk to the employer. Such risks generally include the handling of money, carrying out and approving financial operations, access to key business and strategic information, bank accounts, personal details, etc. Such positions may be found in departments such as finance, strategic purchasing, security, legal and among top management.

Apart from this you can use DRILL Background Check for regular loyalty, morality and reliability checks of employees in key positions.

The service aims to collect verifiable information about a candidate or employee, whose potential duplicity could seriously damage the company’s interests or cause extensive financial losses. DRILL Background Check can also identify risk factors that could motivate an employee’s possible duplicity.

Areas checked include:

  • Property and financial situation. 
  • Potential for blackmail.
  • References and evaluations from former employers.
  • Data stated in the CV.
  • Local reputation.
  • Hobbies.
  • Inclination to negative and addictive activities, for example pathological gambling etc.

Factual execution and the extent of these checks are always done on an individual basis and vary according to evaluated risk, position and company requirements.

During the DRILL Background Check, only public and legal resources are employed. The service also requires the consent of the candidate or employee.

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