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DRILL Temporary

DRILL Temporary

DRILL Temporary provides you with temporary employees wherever you need them. DRILL Temporary provides you with a temporary workforce wherever you need it. This service can be employed during periods of periodic strain or demand, such as a sudden and unexpected increase in demand, during the long-term illness of an employee, etc. DRILL Temporary can also be used as a stop-gap in case of emergency or seasonal fluctuations. Finally, you can use DRILL Temporary as a way of gradually building up your company’s workforce.

DRILL Temporary is an effective solution for:

  • Industry and manufacturing companies needing assistants and/or Human Resources to carry on operations. 
  • Warehouses and distribution companies needing operational assistance for the stocking and packing of products or assistant operational jobs for the export of products.
  • Administrative companies needing assistants, secretarial and operational help, reception staff, PC data entry, accounting and administration. 
  • Gastronomical and travel companies needing wait staff, stewards, cooks, cleaning and associated help.
  • Communication companies needing hosts, translators, interpreters.
  • Wholesale and retail operations needing shop assistants and related sales and administration staff. 
  • Market research/marketing companies needing researchers and resources for promotional activities.

Whether on a short or long term contract, DRILL Temporary is a stable and trusted solution, based on our cooperation with you.

Using DRILL Temporary can help you more effectively manage your personnel policy:

  • Take on enough people working for you to do the job. 
  • Focus on filling strategic positions while external employees handle administrative and operational tasks. 
  • Reduce your personnel and fixed costs.
  • Resolve any staffing problem within hours. 
  • Gain a competitive advantage, especially when increased demand puts added stress on your time and employees.
  • Avoid expensive and difficult hiring processes.
  • Forget about making the wrong choice in who you hire. 
  • Eliminate potential headcount problems. 

DRILL Temporary Includes:

  • Specifications for the position and qualification requirements for the candidates.
  • Search, selection and verification of the experience of selected candidates.
  • An integrity checks. 
  • Training for candidates. 
  • Preparing contracts, including a payroll and tax agenda. 
  • Collecting and recording performance reports. 
  • Invoicing of completed jobs according to fees agreed to in advance. 
  • Regular monitoring of the working relationship and subsequent reporting.
  • Time guarantee of replacement of the worker upon your request.

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