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DRILL HR Outsourcing

DRILL HR Outsourcing

DRILL HR Outsourcing is a comprehensive product offering you the means for your overall HR function to be outsourced and executed by our consultants. It is a very effective tool for companies who concentrate on their core activities and consider quality HR management a key competitive advantage.

DRILL HR Outsourcing covers all aspects of Human Resource management. It is a group of services that harmonize performance improvement, skills development, motivation and job satisfaction while optimizing personnel costs.

DRILL HR Outsourcing is well suited to companies that focus primarily on their core activities but still need structured human resource management to maintain their competitive advantage.

DRILL HR Outsourcing is defined in these fields:

  • Workforce planning and the budgeting of costs in the field of Human Resources, in line with the company‘s planning methodology, key processes, planned activities and goals. 
  • Ensuring consistency between the structure and the number of positions as well as the requirements of key processes in the company where abilities and skills of each employee match the requirements of a given position. 
  • Definition of optimal management methods, organizational structures and skills for particular jobs. 
  • Filling vacant positions according to given requirements (internal and external recruitment). 
  • Creating a compensation and benefits system and personnel and pay-roll agenda. 
  • Managing employee performance, motivation, personal development, training and job satisfaction. 
  • Ensuring personal development and career management
  • Managing company culture and internal communications. 
  • Ensuring that obligations in the area of occupational safety and health protection at work are met.

DRILL HR Outsourcing can provide:

  • An initial personnel audit aimed at identifying the specified needs and expectations of your company in the area of Human Resources; analysis of the activities performed; analysis of working conditions; analysis of the current status of the organizational structure in your company; analysis of the company’s motivational and compensation and benefits systems. 
  • Propose methods for the education and development, of employees while improving the working environment and company culture. 
  • DRILL HR Outsourcing includes an in-depth analysis of your company’s position on the market and specific conditions of the organization. 
  • Planning Human Resources needs to support all business activities and achieve planned targets. 
  • Workforce market research to use during the search and recruitment of employees as well as identification of potential sources of employees with required qualifications and monitoring of competitive job offers. 
  • Recruiting employees and contractors using DRILL Executive Search, DRILL Recruitment, DRILL Temporary and DRILL Assessment Center. Amending or adjusting an efficient recruitment process, the implementation of automated recruitment IT support. Formulating job descriptions and advertising vacant positions (internally and externally), interviewing, pre-selecting candidates, reference checking, managing Assessment Centers, knowledge testing, testing abilities and skills, psychometric testing and testing moral integrity, negotiating conditions with the selected candidates, closing work and managerial contracts. 
  • Implementing and monitoring quantitative and qualitative performance criteria. Formulating or amending these methods and running regular employee performance evaluations. 
  • Implementing and maintaining a motivational and compensation system, including non-financial benefits and advantages provided by the company. Monitoring and evaluating salaries in competitive companies and similar businesses. 
  • Maintaining the personnel and pay-roll agenda, including calculation of salaries. Managing administrative issues and personnel documentation. Processing and analyzing data concerning employees, preparing personnel statistics and providing information to eligible subjects. 
  • The development, implementation and operation of a personnel information system, including HR portal solutions. 
  • Employee job satisfaction, loyalty and motivational surveys. Collecting the opinions and attitudes of employees concerning topics of immediate interest to your company’s operations. Recommending and implementing policies in order to increase the satisfaction, motivation and loyalty of employees. 
  • Implementing and maintaining an employee education and personal development system. Identifying needs relating to education, planning, evaluation and the efficiency of educational programs. Organization of career management programs and succession planning.
  • Psychological consulting and aid for employees dealing with personal problems that could negatively affect their performance. 
  • Development and maintenance of a disciplinary solution system and employee complaints. Establishing the function of external ombudsman for the company. Implementing a whistle blowing policy.
  • Creating and maintaining of an occupational safety and health protection program
  • Implementation and maintenance of a communication program with employees. (e.g. Intranet, internal magazines, organization of outdoor meetings, competitions, and motivation programs etc.).
  • Managing social events, e.g. catering, sport and cultural activities for employees. 
  • Organizing compulsory health care for the employees. 
  • Ensuring harmony between personnel policies with valid legislation while monitoring the development of legislative policies influencing the Human Resource activities. 
  • Executing audits to track organizational efficiency as well as restructuring and managing organizational changes. 
  • Downsizing employees and managing outplacement programs.

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