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DRILL Performance Management

DRILL Performance Management

It is a very specialized product for comprehensive management of your employees’ performance. It is based on employee segmentation in relation to their performance, and includes KPIs management and its relation to variable pay, yearly performance appraisals related to salary adjustments, introduction of individual job relevant competences, and their evaluation and preparation of individual development plans.

DRILL Performance Management is a highly specialized service used for performance management within a company. Its emphasis on job performance will undoubtedly give your company a competitive advantage. The service allows you to maximize your employees’ potential and enhance their performance while implementing a result-oriented company culture.

The basis for performance management is the segmentation of employees according to their performance level. It includes setting and evaluating bonus criteria and connecting these criteria to variable remuneration plans and salary evaluations. Finally it identifies the best evaluation methods and development plans for particular groups of employees.

The implementation of the performance management system is executed in close cooperation with you; it respects your needs and follows detailed organizational and communication plans. Training seminars for managers at all levels, whose active participation and motivation are essential prerequisites for the success of the performance management system, are included as part of the service

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