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DRILL Career Management

DRILL Career Management

Career Management is a system of career planning and management which is an integral part of the professional development of employees which enables supporting the career growth of employees through purposeful individual development activities. Coaching and mentoring are the essential tools of Career Management.

Career Management is also a supportive process following Succession Planning, stemming from the targeted and detailed identification of employee development needs through the Development Centre and psychodiagnostics.

Even if an employer defines and organizes processes within the scope of career planning, it is essential that career planning be clearly understood and defined as a mutual responsibility of the employer and the employee involved; it is an opportunity for an employee to develop his or her competencies and skills with the support of the employer, as well as to prepare for career growth.

Through effective career planning management an employer can increase the overall quality of its employee base and their work performance (their capacity to achieve or exceed the expected work results), which is a key competitive advantage. Career planning principles clearly defined and adhered to support the motivation of individual employees so that they can desire and achieve a higher level of work performance and thereby increase the overall performance of the organization. This is also one of the important assumptions for forming a performance-oriented company culture (a company culture which targets a high level of work performance).

The formal identification of employees with high potential for professional growth and/or with high work performance is typically conducted according to clear criteria within an evaluation of work performance. These criteria are as a rule qualitatively distinct from the individual functional level. If the individual employees fulfill these criteria, they are then provided with specifically developmental criteria, so that they can be prepared for the adoption of greater responsibilities within their defined career path. Provided that such employees are at the same time prepared as well for advancement to specific positions, the result is a connection of planned career path with planned advancement. It is natural that a group of employees with high potential for professional growth and/or with high work performance should become a primary source for the identification and selection of representatives for key managerial and specialist positions.

DRILL offers support during the creation or evaluation of processes for career management according to your requirements so that they are aligned with other human resource management processes in your organization.

Key tools of Career Management include coaching and mentoring.

DRILL Coaching

When we want to work “on ourselves”, expand our possibilities and release our potential, coaching could be the right way forward.

The coach supports the client in learning to see and perceive reality and in becoming aware of own value and decision-making priorities. If the client starts to believe in him/herself and decides to set forth in a specific direction, it is the role of the coach to boost the responsibility of the client for the result of his/her efforts.

DRILL offers you coaching on an individual, team and group basis.

DRILL Mentoring

Mentoring is a method which operates on the principle of passing on experience and professional and relationship know-how between the mentor and his junior colleague. DRILL can offer you experienced mentors from a number of industries and professional roles; it can also assist you in defining the competencies, identifying and training of suitable internal mentors.

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