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DRILL Succession Planning

DRILL Succession Planning

Succession Planning is another important process within the scope of Human Resources management through which the company can take a targeted approach to planning and guaranteeing the filling of key managerial and specialist positions with talented employees (employees with high professional growth potential). If this process is effectively managed, it can be a key factor in securing a smooth continuity of effective organizational management, even in the event of loss of important managers or specialists for any reason.

With this product we offer you analyses of the current status and needs in these areas, as well as any necessary processing of proposals and the implementation of both systems, including all necessary documentation, timeframes and implementation action plans, help with communications in your company, and the organization and realization of management and employee education.

Planned advancement is considered one of the most critical and most important parts of general planning or Business Continuity Planning, which to a large extent depends on the accessibility and possibilities for the use of high-quality and competent managers.

Planned advancement of employees enables a company to have available motivated and loyal representatives for key positions equipped with required competencies and skill sets who in great detail know its organizational model, processes and internal organization.

In the event that such planning does not exist, this will necessarily result in solely improvised temporary or permanent solutions and/or often in the abandonment of certain areas without sufficient management. If a capable successor is not then found, there exists a high probability that such a solution will negatively influence company results.

Planned advancement necessarily requires that top managers regularly monitor and evaluate their managers and specialists, and deliberately search out and designate several successors for each significant managerial position or key specialist position.This process also mostly involves evaluation of certain assumptions conditioning the full preparation of a successor for the assumption of a designated position, including for example the development of certain competencies and skill sets, time plans for preparation and so forth, which should be reflected in the plan of individual development or in any other action plan.A succession plan should then clearly establish which factors should be taken into consideration and what the process is for prior designation of successors into the position, for which he or she has been prepared.

If you are interested in applying or further developing the succession planning process, DRILL can help in the creation and organization of such processes and with their connection to other processes in the area of human resource management.

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