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DRILL Audit is aimed at the overall auditing of your HR management function in your company. This involves especially the audit of workforce planning and budgeting, efficiency of key processes, and efficiency of management method, structuring and functioning of organization structure, work productivity management, personnel and wage agenda and management of training and personal development.

DRILL Audit helps you evaluate your company’s current Human Resources situation. It serves primarily to inform top management of ongoing activities associated with Human Resources management and developments in your company’s current or future HR strategy.

DRILL Audit is focused on developing and managing of the following processes:

  • Headcount planning and financial budgeting in line with the company’s key processes, planned activities and targets.
  • Efficiency of management styles, organizational structures and productivity management.
  • Defining requirements for particular positions.
  • Internal and external recruitment.
  • Management of the personnel agenda and pay roll and assessing the efficiency of pay roll and employee benefits systems.
  • Personnel control systems.
  • Performance management, motivational, personal development, education and employee satisfaction programs.
  • Company culture and internal communications.
  • Maintaining a company’s obligations regarding in occupational safety, health and fire protection, etc.

This analysis is usually delivered in the form of a presentation intended for the company’s top management. The analysis contains analytical findings (SWOT) and recommendations on improvements to the current situation with consideration to both long-term and short-term activities.

General Elements of DRILL Audit:

  • Comparison of practical HR management with basic internal documents, acts and policies.
  • Analysis of HR management processes and identification of weak areas.
  • Structured communication with leaders, HR staff and specific groups of employees (including former employees).
  • Questionnaire-based research.
  • Benchmarking according to best practices. 
  • Comparing HR activities with legal requirements, especially in the field of personnel administration, pay roll, and occupational safety, health and fire protection.

DRILLl Audit can be tailor-made to suit your company’s needs:

DRILL Personnel Audit

DRILL Personnel Audit is aimed at the mapping of the overall state of your personnel. It maps the knowledge and skills featured by your employees and their comparison to defined qualification and personality requirements. At the same time, the personnel audit checks the effective structure and number of employees and their effective utilization.

DRILL Motivation Audit

This type of audit surveys the overall level of motivation of your employees; it defines and measures the key motivators in your specific environment. The motivation audit also establishes the influence power of individual motivators on the overall level of motivation in your company, i.e. it enables you to exactly define measures necessary for future strategic efforts in developing the employee motivation. The motivation audit also contains the control of motivation system and motivation tools in your company.

DRILL Management Audit

DRILL Managerial Audit is a highly specialized type of audit aimed especially at the key managerial competencies, the potential of individual managers and the efficiency of team work. The output of this product is the competency profile of each manager and the outline ofa personal development plan.

DRILL Employee Satisfaction Survey

A specialized product enabling a complex view of employees’ satisfaction. It sets and measures the key factors affecting the employee satisfaction. The results of this survey help you in specifying the causes of dissatisfaction of your employees.

DRILL Audit of Organizational Efficiency 

The Organizational Efficiency Audit is based on the thorough analysis of key processes, the division of key processes, analysis of the performance of your organizational structure and labor productivity management.

The end result of the Organizational Efficiency Audit is the development of an optimal structure and number of employees (rightsizing) in order to ensure the optimization of expenses.

DRILL Audit of HR Processes

DRILL Audit of HR processes maps and checks the personnel processes in the company. It checks how the established HR processes meet their roles in HR management. It defines the areas of activities and processes which open space for further development and higher efficiency of HR processes.

DRILL Audit of Internal and External Communications

The aim of this type of audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of current internal and external communication processes within your company and to acquire a basis for the adjustment or modification of the entire company’s communication strategy, operating plan communications, as well as the optimization of existing communication tools or the implementation of new ones.

Within the sphere of external communications, this audit would involve an analysis of the effectiveness of chosen media concerning the company’s activities, methods of acquisition, evaluation and distribution of information to individual external target groups, the level of written and verbal communication and the utilization of communication tools and technologies. An additional aspect of this evaluation takes into account the company’s media presence, both from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint, and provides an analysis of reasons or sources for the company’s absence or negative position in the media and a measurement of the effects. Finally, an assessment concerning the effectiveness of PR activities in relation to the company’s short- and long-term goals is also carried out.

The internal communications audit primarily assesses and evaluates employee awareness in relation to the company, its vision, mission, values, strategy, products and services, the role of management in creating and implementing internal communications strategies and operational communication plans, the effectiveness and unity of existing communication processes and communication tools with the activities of organizational units and the business goals of the company. The audit also identifies possible negative factors within the company’s internal communications, which could have an effect on the culture and internal environment, as well as the loyalty, stability and satisfaction of the employees as a key factor influencing performance.

DRILL Audit of Company Culture

The Corporate Culture Audit analyzes the company’s culture and identifies differences between its actual implementation and ancompany’s strategic targets.

DRILL Corporate Culture audit analyses the existing status of corporate culture and it facilitates the specification of corporate culture components which significantly affect the overall corporate climate. This audit also includes the efficiency analysis of any measures taken to improve or change corporate culture.

DRILL Employee Opinion Survey

DRILL Employee Opinion Survey is a specialized product establishing the opinions of employees. We can examine views of employees on specific events in the company, on-changes either planned or in progress. Also, we can inspect the views of employees in aspects concerning the overall loyalty, satisfaction, motivation etc.

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