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DRILL Outplacement

DRILL Outplacement

DRILL Outplacement offers you comprehensive services and assistance in case of downsizing and rightsizing. This includes development of outplacement strategy, schedule, administrative support, training of managers at all levels, negotiations with labor authorities and trade unions and, of course the training, organizational support and active placement for downsized employees (including assistance of experienced psychologists).

Why use the DRILL Outplacement service?

  • Professional approach; our consultants are expert with an insight of the job market and, at the same time, coaches who can handle even challenging situations.
  • Fast reactions to the employer’s needs – we are capable of launching a programme within 48 hours. 
  • Individualized approach – the introductory consultation will enable adapting the modular scheme to the real needs of the dismissed employees.
  • Positive partnership-like approach aimed at the solution and reaching of the goal.  
  • Long-term support and working with the dismissed employee.  
  • The dismissed employee will work out, with the support of the consultant, a practical action plan with specific steps for the search of new employment, including the time schedule.
  • Materials with practical tips which will aid in the adaptation to the new situation.  
  • Complex psychological testing aimed at not only the personality, but also at the professional interests and expert skills.
  • Special Executive schemes for the top managers.
  • Offer of programmes also in English.
  • Support for the HR department (labour-law agenda, setting of the plan, setting of communication etc.).
  • Ethics and confidentiality during the provision of services.
  • Effective use of time and money.
  • References from the projects performed earlier.

DRILL Outplacement allows you to effectively deal with all employees who are or who could be affected by reorganizations and restructuring:

  • Management.
  • Dismissed employees.
  • Employees remaining in the organization.

DRILL Outplacement includes:

  • Preparation of a strategy for dismissed employees, including the option of voluntary departure. 
  • The development of a time frame and action plan for reorganization and outplacement.
  • Preparation and training for managers executing the reorganization and outplacement of employees.
  • Preparation of internal and external communication to reduce or eliminate misinformation within the company.
  • Communication with employees directly influenced by the organizational changes.
  • Support and consultation during the whole reorganization process. 
  • Dealing with all of the involved parties, especially with labor organizations.

DRILL Outplacement offers the following support for dismissed employees:

  • Design and execution of a program to support their strong points and increase their chances for a new appointment (i.e. re-qualification, education). 
  • Psychological support to help them adapt to new circumstances.
  • Help in actively searching for job opportunities, including job-market orientation. 
  • Support and help in their job search.
  • Help in preparing a CV and support materials. 
  • Consulting and preparation ahead of a job interview. 
  • Analyzing of failures during the recruitment process. 
  • Consulting during the transition period at the new job. 
  • Legal consulting in labor law issues.

The Benefits of DRILL Outplacement:

  • Maintain your company’s good name and positive image both internally and externally.
  • Ensure consistent internal and external communication. 
  • Reduce the probability of conflicts between your company and former employees, including possible law suits or legal claims.
  • Retain and stabilize key employees.
  • Retain and motivate employees during and after the re-organization.

To effectively analyze the potential of your employees in making difficult decisions related to restructuring, combine DRILL Outplacement with DRILL Performance Management and DRILL Audit.

Combined, these three services offer you a thorough overview of the qualifications and personal characteristics of the employees.

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