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DRILL Contracting & Interim Management

DRILL Contracting & Interim Management

The product provides you with specialists, or management capacities for defined period of time in order to realize specific projects or conduct required changes in your company. It is most effective for one-in-time projects and activities, which are beyond your regular activities or in case of temporary placement before a permanent employee is selected.

DRILL Contracting & Interim Management offers your company professional or managerial capacities for limited time periods, usually when place a candidate in a specific position temporarily or when organization changes within your company need to be carried out. Hiring an interim manager or contractor will not only bring you quick results; this increasingly popular service will also benefit your business by facilitating the transfer of knowledge between the hired professional and your permanent employees.

DRILL Contracting & Interim Management is also useful for short or limited-time projects, which have different requirements than your usual operational activities. The service also allows you to temporarily fill a particular position until a full-time employee is hired.

This may occur when:

  • Restructuring a company due to acquisition.
  • Current management needs to be replaced temporarily during organizational changes.
  • Expanding into new markets.
  • Resolving a crisis situation.
  • Implementing new systems (e.g. sales and distribution).
  • Increasing performance or implementing new processes.

An interim manager is usually employed for periods between three months to two years.

In situations where a need for highly in-demand Information Technology specialists (namely project managers, developers, system analysts, database specialists, architects and testers) needs to be urgently filled DRILL IT Contracting is recommended.

You may also choose to eventually bring the interim manager into your company, which helps you temporarily lower headcount and pay-roll expenses.

We cooperate with many experienced managers who have extensive skills and are able to orient themselves quickly in your company and execute changes to achieve required results.

Choosing the right interim manager is a personal matter and is always conducted in close cooperation with your company. The qualifications of every interim manager are checked by our company first and then presented to you. The aim is to appoint someone who not only has the required professional and managerial qualifications, but whose personality traits will ensure a swift and smooth transition into your company so that he is quickly accepted by co-workers. Internal communication is essential to ensuring that the interim manager is not seen as a threat.

Managing the work of an interim manager is carried out according to requirements agreed upon with you at fixed intervals.

Should, during the appointment of the interim manager or contractor, you expresses an interest (due to his knowledge, capabilities and experience) in offering a contract to the interim manager, DRILL will respect your request and will consider it in light of our DRILL Executive Search service.

The Benefits of DRILL Contracting & Interim Management

  • Increased flexibility.
  • The opportunity to temporarily appoint a manager with extensive experience without a full time contract.
  • A ready-to-go professional who can adapt quickly to the conditions of a particular company and can deliver results. 
  • The transfer of valuable knowledge and experience from the interim manager or contractor to other employees.
  • Professional management that ensures projects will be executed on time and in line with expectations.
  • A cost-effective solution. 
  • All requirements, including goals, cost and time for completion, are agreed in advance.
  • An impartial manager who can make quick or difficult decisions.

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