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DRILL Competency Model

This product is built on defining the competencies and their detailed description, with regard to the needs and specifics of your company. Individual competencies are made of a set of knowledge, experience and skills necessary for successful performance in a particular position and of your company. The definition of various levels of achieving these competencies is a part of the description of a particular competency.

We will develop a complex methodology for you for their future maintenance and development. As a part of the project, we will also prepare the competency profiles for particular jobs as selected by you and, at their development, teach you how to work with the methodology of drawing the competency models. You will, thus, be able to further adjust and develop the system and individual competency profiles in the future.

We will teach you how to evaluate properly the level of competencies achieved by your employees. Within the competency appraisal process, we will teach you how to use competency profiles and how to use the competency evaluation at the employee recruitment and selection procedure.

It is desired that the competency model is closely interconnected to other systems in the company, especially with the system of employee training and development and the remuneration system. We will help you implement the competency model also to your other internal HR systems and link it to these systems efficiently. You will, thus, acquire a tool for effective management of employee development right in the area of your key competencies; a tool for effective providing of feed-back on employee knowledge and skills. Thanks to the precise methodology of competency evaluation, you will acquire a tool for fair benchmarking of individual employees.

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