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DRILL HR Processes Implementation

DRILL HR Processes Implementation

DRILL HR Process Implementation is a highly demanded product, the specific content of which is based on internal and external conditions of your company. We will help you define and implement HR processes in such a way that the HR management system corresponds with the needs of your company and covers all the key areas of HR management necessary for your company. Recruitment and selection procedure, adaptation process, system of training and development, system of rewarding, internal motivation… these are only some examples of the many activities we can help you with implementing or improving in your company.

Every project can be supplied as a complex or you can choose aindividual process or a number of processes you need implemented or improved.

Within the particular processes, we can provide, for example:

Employee recruitment and selection:

  • Setting of the mechanism of entering and approving the requirements for the recruitment of new employees.
  • Setting of the procedure (tools) for finding of employees.
  • Setting of the procedure to assess the applicants for jobs – definition of the roles of HR Manager and of the Line Managers when selecting employees.

Adaptation process of the employee:

  • Designing the employee’s 1st day at work.
  • Preparation and treatment of Adaptation and Training Plan.
  • Submitting the methodology to evaluate the adaptation process.

Assessment of employees (and performance management):

  • Defining the principles and criteria to assess the employee performance.
  • Designing the assessment cycle.
  • Training of managers in principles and techniques of employee assessment.
  • Setting of criteria of assessing individual employees and linking these criteria to corporate targets.
  • Organization and assistance of assessment interviews and their evaluation.

Remuneration and motivation of employees:

  • Designing the system of evaluating job titles.
  • Segmenting the job titles into categories and appraising them within the company.
  • Setting of parameters and criteria of a wage system.
  • Defining the variable part of the wage and linking it to the assessment of employees.
  • Designing the system of employee motivation incl. the system of employee benefits.

Employee training and development:

  • Identification of training needs of the company/employees.
  • Proposing a system, structure and methods of employee training.
  • Designing the system of evaluating the employee potential.
  • Implementation of career management tools.

Internal legislation:

  • Revision of existing internal documentation.
  • Developing the lacking documentation.
  • Developing a recommendation of further development of internal legislation.

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