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DRILL Office Management Outsourcing

DRILL Office Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing administrative functions and office work is an excellent solution not only as a means to increase performance and quality in your company, but also to save on pay roll and related expenses. DRILL Office Management Outsourcing provides you with a established, structured administration system as well as all organizational, operational, office, secretarial and assistant services, including full administrative support for company management.

More and more companies are choosing to outsource their administrative and office activities. The reason for this is simple.

Most companies have strictly set rules for compensation that motivate employees to take initiative and be efficient. This allows companies to take full advantage of an employee’s professional knowledge in getting the job done. While salaries at key managerial and specialist positions increase on account of performance and market demands within the given field, administrative positions should not necessarily follow the same logic. However, it is often true that the salaries of employees in administrative positions grow at the same or similar pace as the salaries of other professionals represented within the company. This is because salaries are adjusted annually to account for the rise in the inflation rate. Another factor causing this phenomenon is that companies are worried, and for good reason, that a large difference between salary increases in different groups of employees could lead to social discontent. The result is that long term employees in administrative positions often have very high salaries compared to those in the market, even though neither their job description, performance nor situation on the job market has changed at all.

Outsourcing administrative and office activities, therefore allows employers to avoid these unnecessarily high salary costs while at the same time affording them better performance and higher quality work.

With DRILL Office Management Outsourcing we are able to provide you with staff to:

  • Maintain an established, structured administration system.
  • Manage the day-to-day office operations. 
  • Handle reception.
  • Provide partial or full administrative support for company management or other employees.
  • Provide secretarial and assistant services. 
  • Prepare reports and presentations. 
  • Prepare supporting materials and documentation.
  • Organize meetings and conferences.
  • Organize business trips.
  • Take responsibility for facility management.
  • Take on translation and interpretation services.
  • Take responsibility for other administrative activities. related to operation of your offices, such as stationary ordering, database inputs etc.

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