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DRILL Security Outsourcing

DRILL Security Outsourcing provides you with a comprehensive service that enables you to concentrate on your strategic activities and strengthen your competitive advantage. The principle advantage of outsourcing your security operations is that it eliminates your dependence on your company’s internal processes and/or external providers of security technology and services. This advantage certainly proves its worth, especially when the time comes for internal investigations of events, the prevention of accidents, incidents and damage and during audits. Within the framework of DRILL Security Outsourcing, we can provide your company with a variety of solutions including security strategy and management, information and information systems security, occupational safety, health and fire protection. We also provide security audits and controls, crisis management and business continuity planning and security solutions for extreme situations.

DRILL Security Outsourcing meets the growing demand for security outsourcing not only among large companies and institutions, but also in small and medium sized companies.

As with other outsourced activities, a company’s security is not usually a core business activity. Outsourcing to a supplier enables you to concentrate your resources on your strategic activities, strengthening your competitive advantage.

Security (personal, information or physical) is a quite specific profession and requires specialized knowledge, skills and experience. This knowledge must be continuously kept up-to-date, which is time-consuming and expensive, especially when security is only a supportive activity. It could also be difficult to explain high costs during the budget process, where support and service activities are usually a low priority.

That is why DRILL, as a supplier of outsourcing solutions, are in a better position to provide better quality security services at a lower cost. Because we offer security services to several customers in various industries, we have a team of qualified specialists in all areas of security management. Security is a key activity for us, which is why we continuously monitor the newest trends and technologies. Thanks to membership in national and international security societies and associations, we have access to extensive databases and to international experts from both the private and public sectors.

Our impartiality is another reason why outsourcing your security needs is an intelligent choice. This advantage could certainly prove its worth, especially when the time comes for internal investigations of events, the prevention of accidents, incidents and damage, and during audits.

Finally, our consultants have an intimate understanding of the security industry and closely co-operation with authorities, state security agencies, insurance companies and other related institutions.

DRILL Security Outsourcing offers a comprehensive package of security services.

Security Strategy and Management

  • Analysis of the current status of the security system, identification of particular security requirements. 
  • Risk analysis.
  • Formulating and updating a company’s overall security policies, standards, internal policies and job descriptions.
  • Formulating crisis plans and ensuring business continuity. 
  • Developing security documentation required for the implementation of requirements outlined in legislation concerning the protection of classified information (including the preparation of a physical security project; developing internal policies and procedures related to classified information protection; personnel, administrative, information and physical security; developing required security documentation to processing classified information with information systems; elaborating an application for issuance of the Personal Security Clearance for entrepreneurs, including justification of the need of the individual to have access to classified information; elaborating the Application for Classified Security Clearance and Questionnaire for entrepreneurs and preparing security documentation for entrepreneurs and companies). 

Property and Physical Security

  • Preparing and regularly updating physical and property security policies. 
  • Preparing and maintaining security processes and documentation.
  • Proposing and executing technical security for property. 
  • Formulating operational procedures for property, e.g. specific risks relating to a particular property, rules for guard services, key management, cash handling, procedures for operating and maintaining security systems, crisis and emergency procedures, etc. 
  • Proposing technical security solutions to protect property (fire detection systems, intrusion detection systems, monitoring and surveillance systems).

Information Security and Security of Information Systems

  • Formulating and regularly updating information security policies and procedures. 
  • Formulating and maintaining security processes and documentation, including security policies, user and administrator documentation and manuals. - Documentation for personal data protection purposes, documentation for administration of the information systems, risk management plans, operational guidelines for information systems and other necessary documents. 
  • Classification of information in the company. 
  • Implementing access rights management. 
  • Implementing systems securing the continuity of information system operation. 
  • Implementing systems for the execution of security audits, controls and tests of the information system. 
  • Implementing systems to react to destructive events, suspicious behavior, omissions and mistakes. 
  • Implementation, organization of training programs related to security systems for employees. 
  • Organizing the Information Security Committee consisting of responsible employees to discuss and resolve requirements relating to information security.

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Creation and maintenance of an occupational safety and health system. 
  • Identification and evaluation of work related risks. 
  • Maintenance of occupational safety and health documentation. 
  • Monitoring deadlines and ensuring revisions and controls. 
  • Investigating work related injuries and occupational illnesses. 
  • Ensuring the education and training of employees in the area of occupational safety and health including initial, ongoing and special training sessions for employees and management. 
  • Preparing the company for OHSAS 18000 Certification. 
  • Dealing with the state inspectorate for occupational safety and health.

Fire Protection

  • Evaluation of the company’s fire protection program. 
  • Conducting preventive fire protection measures. 
  • Organizing controls, inspections and checks of portable fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hoses and dry pipes. 
  • Formulating and regularly updating the Fire Risk Assessment of property and business activities, as well as other related policies and procedures (especially fire alarm policy, fire guidelines, fire prevention plans, evacuation plans, fire station policies, fire brigades and fire alertness and readiness plans).
  • Formulating and maintaining fire protection documentation.
  • Keeping an agenda of fire protection and fulfilling the duties of legal entities and entrepreneurs in regards to fire protection. 
  • Representing companies when meeting with state fire inspection bodies. 
  • Ensuring the activities of a person appointed to fire protection. 
  • Equipping the company with the necessary equipment for fire protection. 
  • Proposing and providing security and fire protection signs. 
  • Creating safety lists of hazardous substances and materials. 
  • Running fire protection training for employees and those responsible for fire protection. 

Audits and Controls

  • Conducting entry and periodical audits for particular parts of a company’s security system (especially information systems, property and technical security, guarding, cash handling, etc.).
  • Auditing personal data protection as required by applicable legislation.
  • Auditing protection of classified information. 
  • Auditing software asset management to ensure that only legal, authorized and licensed software is in operation.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning 

  • Preparing documentation in compliance with local legislation concerning the prevention of serious accidents caused by hazardous chemical substances and materials. 
  • Proposing the categorization of areas and equipment where hazardous materials are processed. 
  • Developing a protocol relating to the exclusion of an area or equipment into relevant risk groups. 
  • Processing and regularly updating risk analysis. 
  • Preparing and regularly updating safety reports. 
  • Preparing supporting materials for emergency zones. 
  • Formulating and regularly updating an emergency plan. 
  • Proposing safety precautions in compliance with local legislation. 
  • Consulting on the processing of individual documentation and its protection.
  • Preparing crisis management documentation, especially risk assessments, crisis plans, readiness plans in case of crisis, manuals and internal policies for managing emergencies and crisis.

Investigating Exceptional Events

Special Services

  • Security checks of premises and property. 
  • Countermeasures and debugging sweeps.
  • Cryptographic protection.

The execution of special services is very specific and always requires very close cooperation with the client as well as in-depth knowledge of particular conditions, requirements and expectations.

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