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DRILL Project Management Outsourcing

DRILL Project Management Outsourcing

DRILL Project Management Outsourcing provides comprehensive services for all your project management needs. These services include organizing and managing commercial or infrastructure projects, central registration and administration of all programs and projects in the company, help in determining priorities, coordinating and tracking of all financial and Human Resources needs to see your projects through. Additionally, we offer project documentation, tracking and reporting of individual projects, organization of resource, time and communication problems in your portfolio of projects. Finally, we offer you a team of qualified project managers with a broad range of experience.

DRILL Project Management Outsourcing offers you an elegant and affordable way to service all your project management needs. DRILL Project Management Outsourcing can organize and manage your company’s commercial or infrastructural projects using our own specialists certified by the internationally recognized standards (namely PRINCE 2, ASAP, PMI and IPMA). Using this solution, you can replace your company’s Project Management Team, thereby reducing costs and streamlining your organization.

There are several reasons why the demand for outsourced project management is on the rise:

In contrast to other operational activities, projects are always unique activities with strictly defined goals. For example, projects such as new product development and launch or the implementation of a new technology usually require specific knowledge, skills and experience. Because of their unique nature, it is economically unfeasible and often not even possible to keep a team of project managers and other specialists, who would only be working on a particular project.

Apart from this large financial obligation, there is also a professional aspect to consider: The professional knowledge of a project manager and his ability to deliver a project in line with expectations, within the budget and on time is dependent on his experience working on projects within that given area. These skills are usually impossible to attain within one company. Moreover, a project manager often falls out of touch with his or her specialization, new technologies and development methods. More importantly, when only working for one company, he loses out on the experience of implementing projects in various environments and with different organizations, teams and company cultures. This results in reduced value for the company, as well as lessened motivation for professional development.

Demand for external project managers is also increasing because of their need for continuous professional education in new technological developments, best practices and their need to collaborate with other project management professionals.

Because each project is unique, the possibility of making serious mistakes is a common occurrence. Regular contact with other project managers, visiting conferences and membership in professional associations offers many opportunities to learn from the failures of others. However, professional development of the project manager is time-consuming and expensive. An increasing number of companies are now unable to justify those costs and instead opt to outsource their project management needs.

We offer you both external project management office services as well as a team of project managers with extensive project management experience in various fields, including IT, telecommunication, the public sector, banking and manufacturing. Our project managers have internationally recognized qualifications, including the PMI Certificate (Project Management Professional).

Concerning administration and project portfolio management, we ensure that all projects match the strategy of the company and that their efficiency is evaluated by a financial study. We also ensure that all resources will be used in line with the priorities of the organization and that the services or products will be delivered to the market on time.

Project Management Outsourcing primarily includes:

  • Central registration and administration of all programs and projects. 
  • Help defining priorities for particular programs and projects.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the financial and HR resources necessary to successfully complete and launch a project.
  • Keeping project documentation, monitoring and reporting the status of particular projects.
  • Solving conflicts arising from resource, time or communication issues.

We offer the following project management services:

  • Assessment of strategy, purpose, goals and extent of the project and its relation to the general strategy of the company. 
  • Preparation of a project time-frame and a detailed project plan according to your requests. 
  • Budgeting for the project as well as a feasibility study and business case.
  • Preparation of a plan to execute the project within an agreed time frame and according to pre-defined milestones and the critical path. 
  • Risk management planning. 
  • The creation of policies and processes to control and manage projects. 
  • Creation of a project’s structure and organization, establishment of the project team and steering committee. 
  • Operational and financial management during the whole life cycle of the project.
  • Monitoring the time-frame of the project and controlling the progress of the project plan. 
  • Management of contractual relations, negotiations with the suppliers and procurement.
  • Management and regularly updating of project documentation. 
  • Communication with all parties involved in the project through a project information system. 
  • Regular project risk management.
  • Quality management.
  • Change management. 
  • Evaluations of the project’s success upon completion and a post-implementation analysis.

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