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DRILL Psychological Testing
DRILL Online Psychodiagnostics

DRILL Online Psychodiagnostics

DRILL Online Psychodiagnostics uses the Bridge Personality questionnaire, the personality online questionnaire of world’s top quality.

What is a Bridge Personality questionnaire?

Bridge Personality is a globally acknowledged personality online questionnaire used for the employee selection and development. The construction of the questionnaire is based on a long-time scientific research in the field of personality exploration, description and assessment. Bridge Personality is the only globally available tool to evaluate personality both from the perspective of the factor “Big Five” model and by the Jung personality typology.

How can I use the Bridge Personality questionnaire?


Bridge Personality uses a special interactive questioning technology which to the maximum possible level reduces the possibility of the respondents to distort the results purposely. The questionnaire describes the personality in 34 dimensions which can be related to the features of the entered job description profiles in a self-access web interface, thus making the selection procedure significantly more transparent and faster. 

The renowned Testguide for Professionals classified Bridge Personality as one of the most reliable questionnaires for the evaluation of personality according to the Jung typology and the alternative of higher psychometrical quality of the well-known MBTI tests (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator).

The testing of personality types according to Jung with the help of Bridge Personality can also be used for the building and development of teams. The results of evaluation of individuals with the Bridge Personality questionnaire are amongst the most frequently used foundations used for the development work with teams*.

*data from the methodology author – the Dutch company TestGroup Consulting

Do you want to know whether your candidate features the leadership qualities? Or whether he/she disposes of high sales potential? Thanks to the Bridge methodology for the evaluation of the competency profiles in the final reports, you will immediately recognize the well-developed competencies of your candidates. 

What does the Bridge Personality report look like?

The reports are generated based on the filled Bridge Personality questionnaires; their look is attractive and their content is comprehensible, both to the candidates and to other persons who work with the outputs.

You can choose from 3 types of reports:

1. Basic – basic report contains the evaluation of all 34 dimensions and it is suitable for the selection of employees.

Example of report (in Czech): Základní_vzor.pdf

2. Extended – Basic report extended by the evaluation of 8 selected professional competencies and Jungian types; it is suitable for the complex planning of development and recruitment to exposed positions.

Example of report (in Czech): Report rozšířený_vzor.pdf

3. Sales  – special report providing evaluation of selected dimensions which are of key importance for sales positions; it is suitable for the very selection and development in sales positions.

Example of report (in Czech): Report obchodní_vzor.pdf

How reliable is the Bridge Personality questionnaire?

Bridge Personality is distinctive for its resistance to intentional distortion of the results by the respondents. The thing is that the mechanism of the observation of the so-called normative-ipsative concordance enables the recognition of when the respondent has tried to distort his/her answers in a manner which would correspond with the estimated expectation or required profile.

Feedback from clients:

  • It can be used on all corporate levels, from the General Manager down to the manufacturing workers. 
  • Single tool for the selection of employees and their development.
  • Possibly the best personality questionnaire.
  • Various versions of the final reports.
  • The questionnaire and the reports are also available in other languages.
  • Highly advanced system of online testing.
  • Very well processed final reports.

Feedback from the respondents:

  • It can be filled in 30 minutes.
  • Very clear and comprehensible final reports.
  • Highly useful for coaching and career consultancy.
  • High information value.
  • Probably the best personality questionnaire.

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