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Our teams

A sufficient number of highly qualified managers, recruitment consultants, coaches, and other employees with professional knowledge and skills, a wide portfolio of services, an appropriate organizational structure, modern technical equipment as well as support of other companies within the DRILL® group enables us to cover all market segments and industry specializations and trades.

DRILL®'s recruitment division is split into 6 teams (each managed by a Business Unit Manager); five of them are aligned with the industrial segment of their respective customers, while the sixth focuses on providing Recruitment Outsourcing services, interim management and mediation of contractors‘ work capacity - IT Contracting.

In terms of position levels, DRILL® specializes in top-, middle- and lower-tier management, as well as in very difficult and narrowly specialized positions with specific requirements and small number of suitable candidates on the market.

Experience working with our customers has shown that having an excellent knowledge of the field, an understanding of our customer’s market services and products, the ability to effectively communicate and use appropriate terminology, and any professional experience from the customer’s side are equally if not more important than knowledge of recruitment and other HR services. Obtaining these skills is often more time consuming and difficult, and for this reason, DRILL® teams and individual recruitment consultants specialize to a specific market segment.

Individual recruitment teams are divided as follows:

In addition to the above recruitment teams, our company also has independent specialized divisions:

  • Training & Professional Development
  • Consulting
  • Outsourcing


Individual recruitment teams are subdivided as follows:


The scope and customer portfolio of the Production, Manufacturing, Automotive makes this recruitment team the largest at DRILL®. Its capacity and resources are further enhanced by close cooperation with colleagues from Pro-Temp® Plus, one of DRILL® group’s subsidiaries, through a large number of joint customers particularly from manufacturing and logistics companies. Synergy between these two companies is further supported by the use of a shared CRM system as well as common internal and external database resources.

Managers, recruitment consultants, researchers and other experts of this recruitment team provide high quality recruitment services (especially DRILL® Executive Search and DRILL® Recruitment) to their customers, especially within the following fields:

  • Manufacturing companies:
    • Automotive
    • Engineering
    • Electrical engineering and automation
    • Chemical industry, plastics
    • Machinery and equipment manufacturers
    • Turnkey technological unit deliveries
    • Building materials
    • Textiles
    • Metallurgy
  • Construction and engineering companies
  • Agricultural and forestry companies
  • Mining companies
  • Logistics companies:
    • Transport companies
    • Storage and distribution companies
  • Energy and petrochemistry
  • Network industries

The primary pre-requisite for the success of recruitment services in this specific segment is excellent professional and technical knowledge, along with good orientation in the relevant subject matters. Solely orientation on the labor market, knowledge of recruitment methods or the use of sophisticated tools in the industrial fields is inadequate. For this reason, consultants regularly visit their customers for professional consultations, which may include guided tours of the technologies, machines, production lines and other operations, so that they can be real partners for their customers and candidates. In addition, consultants are constantly improving their qualifications through participation in conferences, seminars, and other educational and development activities.

In addition to its own resources, the Production, Manufacturing, Automotive recruitment team also uses the capacities a shared multi-lingual call center and support center, which significantly streamlines the process of actively identifying and directly contacting candidates, primarily when searching for scarce or highly specialized professionals.

The Production, Manufacturing, Automotive recruitment team is most often looking for candidates for the following roles and positions:

  • General Manager, Plant Director and other top management positions (CxO)
  • Plant Manager
  • Technical Director / Engineering / R&D Manager
  • Production Director / Manager
  • Quality Director / Manager / Engineer
  • HR Director / Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Manager of Foundry, Tool-shop, Paint-shop, etc.
  • Supply Chain / Logistics Manager
  • Project / Lean Manager
  • Procurement / Sourcing Manager / Specialist
  • Strategic Buyer
  • Process Engineer
  • Technologist
  • R&D Specialist
  • Designer
  • SW and HW Engineer
  • SQA / SDE, CQE, Auditor
  • Logistic and Transportation Specialist
  • Service Technician
  • Product Specialist
  • PLC Engineer
  • CNC/PLC Programmer
  • SW/HW Developer
  • Controlling Manager
  • Junior / Senior Controller
  • Accountant
  • Architect
  • Chief Project Engineer
  • Construction Manager, Planning Engineer, Quantity Surveyor

IT/TELCO/High Tech

With its scope and customer portfolio the IT, TELCO, High Tech forms the second largest recruitment team at DRILL® and specialize in the identification of candidates for very specific and challenging positions in the information and communication technologies market where there is a long-term, ever-growing demand for scarce specialists.

If required, consultants of IT, TELCO, High Tech recruitment team also use the resources and know-how of experts from DRILL® subsidiary QuickSource®, which provides short- and long-term IT specialists (or complete development, project or testing teams) for specific assignments, especially project managers, developers, system analysts, database specialists, architects, or testers, both in "time & material" and fix time & fix price setting. Synergy between these two companies is supported by the use of a shared CRM system as well as common internal and external database resources.

Excellent technical knowledge in the fields of HW and SW technologies, tools, methodologies, and of the trends in this rapidly evolving field is more critical than ever for the successful identification of suitable candidates for positions in the technology segment. IT, TELCO, High Tech consultants are recruited directly from the ranks of ICT experts, students of technological fields, or from ICT company recruiters. This ensures their expertise, rapid orientation in fast evolving technologies and the specific labor market. Additionally, IT, TELCO, High Tech managers, consultants and other specialists are constantly developing their expertise through participation in general and specialized conferences, seminars, training programs, as well as during consultations with their customers.

The most frequent customers of the IT, TELCO, High Tech recruitment team are:

  • System integrators and providers of complex IT solutions
  • Internet service providers
  • HW suppliers
  • Companies providing specialized SW development
  • Companies offering analytical, data, and database products and services
  • Companies providing IT consulting and advisory services
  • Telecommunications service providers and telecommunications network operators
  • Satellite service providers
  • Television service providers

Like other teams, IT, TELCO, High Tech use the capacities of a shared multi-lingual call center and support center, which significantly streamlines the process of actively identifying and directly contacting suitable candidates.

The IT, TELCO, High Tech recruitment team most often looks for candidates for the following roles and positions:

  • Managerial positions:
    • IT Director
    • IT Manager
    • CIO
    • COO
    • CTO
    • Head of Development
  • Sales positions:
    • Sales Director
    • Sales Manager
    • Area Sales Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Pre-sale Manager
    • After-sale Manager
    • Salesman/ Sales Representative for individual industry sectors (Finance, Telco, Energy, Energy, Public, etc.)
    • Key Account Managers
  • Information and telecommunication technologies:
    • Cloud Expert
    • RAN Engineers
    • IP design Experts
    • RAN Experts
    • Billing Testers.
    • Integration Experts
    • Messaging/Solution Architect
  • Development, technical and consulting positions:
    • IT Analyst, Business Analyst (UML, EA), System Analyst, Data Analyst.
    • IT Architect (Solution Architect, Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, System Architect, Network Architect)
    • BI/DWH Specialist (Oracle, Teradata, Informatica, Cognos, ETL)
    • Data Specialist: Data Scientist/Data Engineer, Data Mining/ Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Modeller, Data Architect
    • Scripting Language Developer (Python, Bash, Perl, PowerShell)
    • Developer across the spectrum of operating systems (WIN, Linux/Unix, WEB, iOS, Android, Embedded, etc.)
    • Back-end Developer (Java, C++, C# .NET, ABAP, etc.), incl. individual frameworks
    • Front End Developer (JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, React, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, RestAPI, etc.), incl. individual frameworks
    • DevOps Specialist (Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Gitlab, Teraform, microservices, Apache, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Zookeeper, ActiveMQ)
    • Cloud Specialist (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS)
    • Tester for automation testing, load testing, penetration testing, manual testing; (SOAP, SoapUI, SQL, Jira, Selenium, Cucumber, Jenkins, Cypress); Test Analyst, Test Architect, Test Manager
    • UX/UI Design Specialist
    • System Administrator inc. virtualization (MS Windows, MS SQL Server, Exchange, Linux/Unix, SharePoint, ActiveDirectory, HyperV, Citrix, VMware)
    • Database Administrator and Developer (Oracle, PL/SQL, MSSQL, mySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Teradata)
    • IT support (helpdesk, L1, L2, migration W10, Office365, MS Exchange, etc.)
    • Technical and Business Consultant (ERP, CRM, Navision, Siebel, Salesforce)
    • Business Processes Optimalization Specialist (ArcSight, CISA, CISSP, CISM, IT governance)
    • IT Security Specialist (cyber security, data security, infrastructure security, IDM-Identity management, IT audit, GDPR, SIEM, SOC, Disaster recovery)
    • Project Manager (ASAP, PRINCE 2, PMI, IPMA, SCRUM, ITIL), Program Office Manager (PMO), Project Coordinator
    • Agile Management Specialist, incl. Agile Couch
    • SAP Consultant for various modules BW, CRM, FI, CO, AM, BC, PS, HR, PM, PS, MM, QM, PP, SD, NetWeaver and IS–U, S/4 HANA, SAP Fiori, SAP Business Objects, ABAP
    • IT Specialist for various sectors (Banking, IT/Telco, Logistics, Government, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, etc.)


The customer portfolio and breadth of industry and trade segment coverage makes FMCG, Retail a significant recruitment team, whose main customers include large multinational and local companies in the production, distribution and sale of fast-moving or durable goods. The consultants of this team provide services, especially DRILL® Executive Search, DRILL® Recruitment, DRILL® Outplacement and other related HR products, to customers particularly in the following fields:

  • Production, distribution, and sale of fast-moving consumer goods (food, food supplements, beverages, drugstores, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Production, distribution, and sale of consumer durables (such as electronics, furniture, cars, textiles, footwear, office equipment, etc.)
  • Wholesale and retail chains
  • B2B services in general, and in particular:
    • Business and marketing
    • Media and PR
    • Managerial
    • Security
    • Restaurant, hotel, tourist
    • Environmental and waste treatment services
    • Sports, culture, leisure

The FMCG, Retail recruitment team uses its own "sourcing" team to identify suitable candidates and, if necessary, also the multi-lingual call center and support center, which significantly streamlines the process of actively identifying scarce or narrowly specialized professional candidates.

The services of the shared multi-lingual call center and support center are also fully available to the FMCG, Retail team which ensures high professionalism and efficiency in the recruitment process.

The FMCG, retail recruitment team is most often looking for candidates for the following roles and positions:

  • Top management position (CxO)
  • Sales positions:
    • Sales Director / Manager / Representative
    • Area Sales Manager
    • National Key Account Manager / Key Account Manager
    • Pre-sale Manager
    • After-sale Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Store Manager
  • Customer Support positions:
    • Customer Support and Customer Service Specialist
    • Customer Service Manager
    • Customer Care Training
    • Supervisor
    • Team Leader
  • Marketing positions:
    • Marketing Director / Manager
    • Marketing Communication Manager / Specialist
    • Public Relation Manager
    • Product Marketing Manager / Specialist
    • Internet Marketing Manager / Specialist
    • CRM Manager
    • CRM Strategy & Data Lead
    • Retention Lead
    • Social Media Specialist
    • Digital Marketing Specialist
    • Online Marketing Specialist
    • Direct Marketing Specialist
    • Group Brand Manager / Brand Manager
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Market Research Manager
    • Data Analyst
  • Production and operations positions:
    • Production Director / Manager
    • Quality Control Manager / Specialist
    • Supply Chain / Logistics Manager / Specialist
    • Transportation Manager
    • Facility Manager
    • Warehouse Manager
  • Finance and purchasing positions:
    • CFO
    • Finance Manager
    • Controlling Manager
    • Junior / Senior Controller
    • Chief Accountant / Accountant
    • Procurement / Sourcing Manager / Specialist
    • Strategic Buyer
    • Category Manager
  • Others, including positions in HR, legal, safety & security, IT, regulatory, etc.


The Finance, Banking, Insurance, Legal recruitment team is composed of segment-oriented consultants who specialize in providing services (particularly DRILL® Executive Search, DRILL® Recruitment and DRILL® Outplacement) to customers primarily in the following fields:

  • Retail, corporate, private and investment banking
  • Insurance and brokerage services
  • Leasing and factoring services
  • Non-banking financial services
  • Accounting, tax, auditing, and consulting services
  • Legal and advocacy services

Credibility, security, integrity, and stability are all key attributes of the financial and legal sector which are reflected in the selection, professional development, and personalities of managers, consultants, and other specialists forming this recruitment team. The consultants of Finance, Banking, Insurance, Legal have many years of experience in providing recruitment services in their specialized fields, and they constantly monitor and evaluate the situation and dynamics of the Czech and foreign labor markets.

The recruitment team of Finance, Banking, Insurance and Law also cooperates with its colleagues from the call center and support center, especially at times when it is necessary to quickly identify and address candidates in a larger number of job markets.

The consultants of this recruitment team are most often looking for candidates for the following roles and positions:

  • Top management positions, board positions of financial institutions, executive managers of divisions
  • Heads of departments
  • Operations Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Sales Director / BD Director/Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing Director / Manager
  • Marketing Communication Specialist / Internet Marketing Specialist
  • CRM Manager
  • Relationship Manager Corporate – SME/MID/Large
  • Relationship Manager – Factoring/Leasing
  • Trade finance Specialist
  • Private Banker
  • Head of Credit Risk / Risk Manager Corporate / Retail
  • Head of Settlement
  • Product/Process Manager
  • M&A Manager
  • Head of Collections / Collections Specialist
  • Head of Internal Audit / Internal Auditor / Compliance Officer
  • Head of Controlling/Senior Controller/Controller
  • Business Analyst / Reporting Specialist
  • AML Manager / Specialist
  • Head of Fraud / Fraud Investigator
  • Security Manager
  • Risk Manager / Analyst
  • Chief Accountant / Accountant
  • Card Processing Specialist.
  • Product / Process Manager
  • Leasing Relationship Manager
  • Insurance Manager
  • Actuary
  • Insurance Claims Adjuster
  • Underwriter
  • Attorney/Lawyer/Law Clerk
  • Positions in information technologies, particularly in development (back-end and front-end), testing, security, project management, BI/DWH, security, administration, etc.

Pharma, Healthcare, Medical, Biotechnology

Pharma, Healthcare, Medical, Biotechnology is a specialized recruitment team focused on the identification and search for scarce candidates for specific positions in the areas of human and veterinary health, pharmacy, biotechnology, and related fields referred to as "Life Sciences".

Due to the great shortage of doctors, paramedics, pharmacists, optometrists and other professionals in the labor market, consultants of Pharma, Healthcare, Medical, Biotechnology team almost always use the methods of active search and direct contact (DRILL® Executive Search) to identify suitable candidates. Positive results often arise from the expansion of source labor markets outside the Czech Republic where possible.

To ensure the highest possible level of efficiency in reaching candidates, the Pharma, Healthcare, Medical, Biotechnology team also uses the services of a shared multi-lingual call center and support center.

The most common customers include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies offering original and generic drugs, both for human and veterinary medicine
  • State and non-state providers of health services, human and veterinary surgeries, clinics, hospitals, specialized medical institutions and laboratories
  • Scientific and research institutes
  • Pharmacies and pharmacy chains
  • Pharmaceutical distribution companies
  • Manufacturers and sellers of medical devices, technologies, and equipment
  • Research institutions and manufacturing companies in the field of biotechnology for pharmacy, food industry, agriculture, etc.

Some of the most frequently filled positions of this recruitment team include:

  • Management positions:
    • CEO
    • CFO / Head of Controlling
    • Hospital Director
    • HR Director /Manager
    • Corporate Counsel
    • Marketing Director / Manager
    • Sales Director / Manager
    • Production Manager
    • Business Unit Manager
  • Sales positions:
    • Area Sales Manager
    • Medical Representative
    • Pharmaceutical Representative
    • Field Force Manager
    • Hospital Key Account Manager
    • Sales Representative: Rx, OTC, MD
    • Product Specialist
  • Marketing positions:
    • Brand Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Medical Affairs Manager
    • Market Access Manager
    • Medical Advisor
    • Category Manager
    • Portfolio Manager
  • Manufacturing positions:
    • Logistics Manager
    • Quality Control Manager
    • Supply-Chain Manager
    • Medical positions of various specializations and seniority
    • Mid-tier medical staff
  • Purchasing positions:
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Procurement Specialist
    • Buyer
  • Specialized positions in pharmacy and healthcare, for example:
    • Clinical Research Manager
    • Government Affairs Manager
    • Compliance Manager
    • Regulatory Affairs Manager / Specialist
    • Medical Science Liaison
    • Pharmacovigilance Specialist
    • Technician, Biomedical Technician, Application Specialist