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DRILL Personal Development

Through your personal development plan (please see the section DRILL Individual Consulting), you can take advantage of several possibilities for long-term education and personal development. We employ several educational tools to help you maximize your effort and reach your development goals.

These include:

  • Team coaching. 
  • Individual coaching. 
  • Workshops and training aimed at developing managerial knowledge and skills. 
  • Development centres. 
  • Psychometric testing.

Tailor-made training, courses and other development activities can be organized according to your interest.

Managerial Education

DRILL offers a variety of tools to help you develop your knowledge, skills and ability to lead and manage people. When developed, the following skills will become indispensable to your career: 

  • Strategic management
  • Project management
  • Management of internal processes and structures. 
  • Status, responsibilities and the role of a leader.
  • Self-knowledge and creation of a personal managerial style. 
  • Authority and its attributes. 
  • Methods and techniques of managing and leading employees. 
  • Effectively selecting employees. 
  • Organizing and managing teams.
  • Performance management.
  • Employee evaluation and compensation.
  • Motivation.
  • Delivering feedback.
  • Managing meetings (the purpose and function of meetings, principles of meetings management, how to encourage participation, creating a productive environment, moderating discussions, decision making processes, making notes, solving conflicts and dealing with problematic individuals).
  • Operational productivity management.

Professional Education and Re-qualification

The educational opportunities offered here will give you a solid general understanding in any field you choose to pursue. The topics covered include: 

  • Basic sales skills and techniques.
  • Advanced sales techniques.
  • Key account management.
  • How to keep a customer (RAD matrix).
  • The psychology of sales. 
  • Basic logistics. 
  • Physical and IT security of an organization.
  • Public relations.
  • Personnel management for non-personnel. 
  • Marketing for non-marketing managers and specialists. 
  • Finance for non-financial managers and specialists.
  • The basics of financial management.
  • Effective office management.

General Skills and Abilities

Regardless your profession or position within a company, we offer the opportunity to develop skills that will have a positive influence on your success, both professionally and personally. The program covers:

  • Communication and body language.
  • The basics of effective communication.
  • Advanced effective communication. 
  • Teambuilding – a basic course on motivational techniques. 
  • Team work. 
  • Purposeful negotiation. 
  • Social typology. 
  • Stress and emotional management. 
  • Coaching. 
  • Time management. 
  • Assertiveness training.
  • The basics of rhetoric including public speech and presentation techniques.

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