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Not Accepted for the Job

If you were unsuccessful in the recruitment process, do not be desperate. Even though it is unpleasant, this kind of outcome has to be taken into consideration. In fact, failure is actually more common than success. In any case, it is useful to analyze the mistakes you may have made and determine where you may have gone wrong.

Here are a few common mistakes made during the recruitment process:

  • Demonstrating vague or weak opinions and approaches; a lack of trustworthiness; poorly presenting knowledge, abilities or skills (remember that form is just as important as content, sometimes more so); low self-esteem, shyness and anxiety; arrogance; dishonesty; familiarity. 
  • An inability to formulate targets; too much or too little ambition; tentativeness and uncertainty concerning professional growth. 
  • A lack of enthusiasm and energy; little interest in the position or the company; minimal initiative taken to ask questions, make suggestions and present ideas. 
  • An untidy or casual appearance; inappropriately chosen attire showing a lack of sensibility and social intelligence. 
  • Unrealistic salary expectations; too large an emphasis placed on salary and benefits or position and job title. 
  • Inability to formulate opinions; poor communication skills (i.e. interrupting someone or using slang or foul language). 
  • Inability to work as a team player; inability to manage others or to lead a team. 
  • Immaturity. 
  • Poor preparation ahead of the interview showing a lack of interest; a lack of knowledge of basic facts; an unwillingness to discuss particular issues. 
  • A lack of flexibility; problems travelling; an unwillingness to relocate. 
  • A lack of experience in a given field; a tendency to change jobs often, insufficient experience at a particular position. 
  • Insufficient education and work experience.

If you have been passed over during the recruitment process, be sure to ask why. Even if the company only cites a vague or general reason (serious companies will provide you with feedback), you will still come away with a general idea of what it takes to succeed in future interviews.